About Me - QuinnCalder

Quinn Calder

For as long as I can remember I have loved the great outdoors.  From a young age I have done everything I can to put myself outside.  From working for the boy scouts in the Unita's and the Tetons, to teaching survival classes to troubled youth on the outskirts of Capital Reef National Park.  As I have been outside, I have witnessed some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.  I often felt a strong desire to bring family members, and friends to these natural wonders.   

In 2008 my sister gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life, a Canon dslr camera.  Since that time I have endeavored to revisit these sacred spots and bring them back to  my family and friends.  In order to do this I  have done everything I can to learn the skills of "fine art photography".  I have taken several photo workshops with Utah's landscape photographer Willie Holdman, read many books, taken online courses (creativelive.com) and  have familiarized myself by experience.  I feel compelled to chase good light, seek the perfect composition, and enjoy people.  

Now I  have a desire to share these skills with friends and family through taking pictures for them and of them.  My favorite photo shots involve both friends and the great outdoors.  Although all of my pictures don't include people, they are often with me physically or in my thoughts.  

Thanks for visiting my webpage.  

"Those  who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves"  

(J. M. Barrie, A Window in Thrums (1917), 137).

My photo beliefs.

I believe photography is a lot of FUN WORK.  

I believe photographs should be simple.
I believe in moments not just models and posses.
I believe in twilight, sunrises, sunsets, and long shadowed lighting.
I love reflections and reflective lighting. 
I love a good depth of field.
I believe shooting into the sun at the right moments can create good photos.
I believe in listening to my clients creativity.
I believe good landscapes are a combination of being in the right place at the right time but also gifts from God. 
I believe in lightroom and photoshop.
I believe bracketing, vignettes, photostitching, and HDRing are as important as being in the right place at the right time.
I believe bracketing, vignettes, photostitching and HDRing are best unnoticed by the observer.

I'm willing to do anything within my reason to please my clients...whether that means hiking 14 miles before the sunrises to capture the morning glow of a pristine lake, or travel to the top of Deer Valley to accentuate family photo's with fall colors, and grand vistas.